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sobota, 1 stycznia 2011

"Love and dreams are miraculous"

Hear Me 听说

Cheerful delivery boy Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng) delivers lunchboxes to a local hearing-impaired swimming team. He holds a torch for hearing-impaired cutie Yang Yang (Ivy Chen), who's often at the pool to cheer on her older sister Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen). Yang Yang wholeheartedly supports Xiao Peng's dream of competing in the Deaflympics, even if it means working multiple jobs and giving all her time to her sister. Yang Yang slowly falls for Tian Kuo's goofy charms, but the burgeoning romance opens a rift in the sisters' relationship.

Uroczy film. Wiecej slow nie mam. Uroczy.

Chyba staje sie fanka chinskiego kina.. To juz kolejny chinski film, ktory jest tak daleki od 
wspolczesnych holywoodzkich produkcji. Niczym udziwaczony. Prosty w formie i przekazie.
Byc moze akcja nie jest zbyt szybka, ale w razie potrzeby mozna go sobie rozlozyc na kilka dni. 

"Love and dreams are miraculous. They don't need to be heard, to be said, or translated."

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